Sony’s Support Nepal Theme aimed to help victims of devastating earthquake

support nepal theme

Sony Mobile has come up with a new Xperia Theme dubbed Support Nepal. The country suffered a massive earthquake in April that killed almost 9,000 lives and left 23,000 people injured. In fact, this earthquake is the worst natural tragedy that has struck Nepal since the year 1934.

The Japanese tech giant Sony has created this new theme in order to highlight the natural beauty of the Himalayan nation and it encourages users to donate to this appeal via Oxfam Sweden.

The Support Nepal theme features Brian Sokol’s photographs depicting the beauty of Nepal. These photos were taken before the earthquake struck the nation in April this year. Brian Sokol has been involved in covering the earthquakes for more than 20 years in Nepal.

Recently, the United Nations confirmed that around 8.1 million people are in need of humanitarian support and 1.9 million require food assistance in the country. If you like this theme, you can provide your support to these victims of the earthquake by clicking this link.

Via: Xperia Blog