Sony Mobile CEO says will never sell or exit mobile business


Sony Mobile’s CEO, Hiroki Totoki in an interview with Arabian Business stated that the company will not exit the smartphone business. He reiterated that the manufacturer is committed to make mobile devices.

He claimed that the company will be focusing on the IoT (Internet of Things) and that there are a number of new product categories that it will come up with as it will lose out on an important business domain if it does not. He made it clear that Sony will never sell or exit its current mobile business.

Earlier this year, it was speculated that Sony would be selling its smartphone division in an attempt to flag profits. Commenting on this, Totoki stated that the speculations arose as the company suffered a huge loss as a mobile business in the last year. He stated that the cash flow is healthy and the accounting loss was quite huge making people speculate such things.

The head of the mobile division at Sony shared the details on how he plans to turn the things around by focusing on cutting down the operating expenses. He stated that they are planning to decrease the costs by 30 percent by the end of 2016 and also reduce the headcount by 20 percent.

He stated that Sony Mobile has set their plan already and are implementing it. In 2015, the manufacturer will have big transformations and it will complete the transformation by the end of this year so that there are enhancements in the financial performance in the next year.

The crucial aspect that Sony is targeting with its upcoming devices is the user experience. He stated that people use smartphones for the experience. The manufacturer is claimed to focus on the wearable device segment. The company will include smart wear, smart devices and smart products that are being made for the IoT era.

Eventually, Sony is stated to be involved in developing smart devise that will be connected to the smartphones. This is also a major focus of the company as it has a huge future.

Other than these aspects, the executive also discussed about the competition from the China based manufacturers and the upcoming technologies including 5G.

Via: Android Central