Sony Xperia Z is Yuga, 1080p display to sport OptiContrast technology

There is quite a lot of anticipation for the Xperia Yuga, Sony’s high-end flagship Xperia smartphone that is going to be announced next year, being Sony’s first quad-core phone and also their first device with a 1080p display. A couple of days back, we also got a review of the Yuga thanks to Mobile Review’s Eldar Murtazin, who was impressed by what Sony has on offer with their next flagship phone.

Now, the latest rumor has it that the Xperia Yuga will be called the Xperia Z when it launches, in order to make it sound more market-friendly, which isn’t too surprising considering most new Sony devices now have a letter in their name, and Yuga always sounded more like a code name than the actual name of the device anyway.

The source of the rumor also points out that the 5-inch 1080p display, the most attractive and talked about aspect of the device, will feature Sony’s OptiContrast technology. Used in Sony’s televisions and also the Sony Xperia V and Sony Xperia Tablet S, OptiContrast results in low reflection due to a special resin layer that absorbs any diffused light delivered from the backlight, theoretically providing a display with vivid colors, high contrast levels, and a real sense of depth.


However, Sony’s displays continue to suffer from poor viewing angles and not so good image quality in third-party apps where the Sony BRAVIA engine doesn’t come into play, something which Murtazin noted in his review of the device, so it would be wise to be a bit skeptical about the final display quality of the Xperia Z, so that you aren’t too disappointed later on when the display fails to hold up to the quality of other 1080p phones like the HTC Droid DNA.

The rumor also says that the Xperia Z will be both water and dust resistant, thanks to an Ingress Protection (IP) rating of IP55 and IP57 (similar to the Xperia acro S and Xperia V), and that the final dimensions of the device will be 139 x 71 x 7.9mm, all of which will no doubt result in a thin yet quite durable flagship smartphone.

This is all still a rumor, however, so do take everything with a pinch of salt, though it will be great if all of these details do turn out to be true. The Xperia Z is expected to be unveiled a month later at CES next year, where we’ll finally get all the juicy details that Sony has kept mum on all this time.

Via: Xperia Blog