Sony may launch 2 new flagship Xperia phones at IFA 2017

Sony is gearing up to launch two new devices later this year. The above image is a slide from an investor conference held by Sony, which indicates that the Japanese mobile phone giant has two new devices under plans.

So, we think that the portfolio above is a real deal, and not just a rumor. But unfortunately, we don’t have any information on what these two mystery devices could end up being. Though, one fo them could be the Sony device dubbed as 66475M, which break through FCC earlier.

Rumors are leaning more towards the possibility that Sony may finally — yes, finally, and we so much mean it — incorporate AMOLED display into these two devices. The company has been reluctant for some reason from making a shift from IPS panels to OLED screens for long, long time now. If other rumors are to be believed, Sony may also feature a bezel-less display with similar 18:9 aspect ratio to compete with the likes of Samsung and LG.

We find the latter rumor more probable as Sony has shown what it is capable of when the company released the Xperia Z5 Premium. Adding to the rumor list, the OEM has previously stated that it won’t make the move to dual camera smartphones till 2017, and what do you know, its 2017 now. So, the time is ripe for us to see fresh innovative new tech from the Japanese electronics giant.

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The smartphones have been projected to launch at IFA Berlin in September this year so more details should leak out before that. We could also take this a step further and speculate that these devices may rock Android O. It would surely be a great for Sony to lead the way by introducing Android O to the world, but then again, the OEM has never done anything like that so far, so it’s kind of hard to believe.

Via: Xperiablog