Sony may just keep Xperia Z4 under the covers a little longer

Everyone has been buzzing with expectations for this year’s MWC which will be held on the first of march at Barcelona. Year after year MWC has seen some of the most sick technology get released and this year will be no exception. A whole lot of high-tech wizardry will be hitting the carpet, the DDR4 RAM just to name one.

Along with Samsung’s Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 edge and HTC’s One M9, Sony Xperia Z4 is also expected to make an appearance at the event. However, sources of Xperia Blog may just be telling another story.

According to them, while the Japanese phone maker will definitely attend the event and occupy a booth, no plans of any major release are making the news. Well, if these rumors are true — which they might be judging from the fact that not much rumors about the Z4 are surfacing — it will mark a shift from the company’s recent policy of introducing a new smartphone every 6 months and a switch back to its original position of one flagship phone a year. While we are disappointed by Z4’s non-appearance, the change in release cycle is all welcome.

While Sony had cited “being able to better respond to changing tech” as its reason for the change in the release cycle to 6 months from 1 year, it seems that the distribution issues faced by the company along with dwindling consumer interest may just have made the company realize that people don’t buy phones every other day — unless they are super rich that is — and as such would prefer slower, more careful releases over those that follow on each other’s tail.

All in all, fans may just have to wait until the year end to get their hands on the Xperia Z4.

Via: PhoneArena, Source: XperiaBlog