Sony imports four high-end smartphones to India for testing


In the last week, the Japanese tech tycoon Sony has imported four new smartphones in India for the testing and debugging reasons. This has come to light by the Zauba website that tracks the imports and exports that circulates in and out of the country.

It has been a common practice for the manufacturers to ship their models into India for testing before they are official announced in the global markets. The recently shipped Sony smartphones are listed as Seahawk Rex PQ, Eagle Rex AP, Seahawk Gina AP and the Eagle Rilads AP. Each prototype is priced at Rs 39,239 that is equivalent to $617.

The price tag ensures that these are high-end devices, but none of the other details are revealed by the website. The Sony Xperia Z3+ is all set to be launched in the country on June 26. Hence, the mystery surrounding these new Sony models that have been shipped for testing and debugging in India remains unknown. We might get to know more details at the Sony event later this week.

Source: Zauba, Via: STJSGadgets