Sliding Power Notification widgets with Transparency for Xperia Arc

The Xperia Arc obliterated all of the awkward memories one may have of its predecessor, the Xperia X10. It was and is everything the X10 could not be. From the awe-inspiring design (which is very signature Sony Ericsson) to the jaw-dropping screen, and how could I forget the camera ─ the essence of SE phones right from the K750 days.

For those of you who are lucky enough to own this beauty, here’s something that will make your already awesome device even better. If you’ve ever wished that you could pack in more options in the power options widget than default, this is most definitely for you. It’s cool, functional, and works like a charm ─ without disturbing the aesthetics. All thanks to developer zohaib0001.

This is a customized set of power widgets in the notification bar, sounds pretty standard, right?? Except in this case you can slide from left to right to uncover more of them.

There are also different pre-themed options available, if you want to tweak your Arc further, you can download this awesome widget from the thread here.

Do try these out and let us know your thoughts in comments below..