SIM-Free Nexus 4 costs £390 at Carphone Warehouse

Not that this comes as any surprise, considering we already knew that the Nexus 4 pricing was going to be far higher in retail channels than that on the Google Play Store. Carphone Warehouse, UK’s go-to retailer for all things mobile, is listing the Nexus 4 at a SIM free price of £390.

The SIM free 16GB LG Nexus 4 is priced in Google own Play Store at £279 and a price differential of £110 could be viewed as way too steep. Add to that the fact that Google Play is already showing the device as Sold Out a little over a week post it was listed. Additional frustration is being caused due to there being no indications as to when it is likely to back in stock.

Customers who are anxious to get their paws on this shiny new piece of tech from Google and LG, currently have no option than to purchase it from retailers, provided they are willing to shell out a pretty penny for it. We’re hoping the Nexus 4 comes back into stock soon at the Play Store, and stays that way, if we are to expect any price cuts in retail channels. But for now, unfortunately, and frustratingly so, its a case of extremely high demand being met with by an extremely limited supply at an extremely high price.

Via GSM Arena

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