Share your thoughts secretly with your friends with the Secret app

Social networking is the new communication medium of the world, where everyone shares their thoughts and talks with other people. But it is not always a pleasant experience for most of the people. There are times when you update a status or picture and people comment vigorously, some praising while some giving suggestion and few poking at you even. And the very next day you might get a new nick name or get into some embarrassing conversations with your friends.

Now think of the social networking apps or sites like Twitter, Facebook without any Profile names and all, then it will be awesome being anonymous and you can post whatever you feel without fearing that someone might judge you. Not that Twitter or Facebook is providing this anonymity, there is a new app called Secret that lets you share your thought with your friends and also with the world without being identified.

Secret is a new app in the Playstore, which was earlier available only for IPhone that too in limited countries. Now the developers have made it official to the Android and is available worldwide. Secret allows users to share their thoughts and feelings with others with absolute anonymity. The app will pull contacts from your phone, but it won’t reveal the contact name for pure anonymity. The avatar changes each time a person posts a comment, so it is impossible to track who is who.

Secret lets you express your thoughts through photos, backgrounds and moods which are pretty clean. You can also customize your thought with options like blur, textures and moods. Your secret will get shared from your friends to their friends and keeps going through out the world. The most popular secret can travel around the world. The feeds of the app are organized neatly, One for the content that has been posted by your friends, and another for viewing content that has been posted around the world.

People can also share their favorite secrets on Facebook, Twitter or through Email and SMS by clicking a button in the upper right-hand corner of every secret. A new feature was added to this app which was not available on IOS earlier called Icebreakers, which are some random prompts that will be asked to let users share their thoughts which they never say out loud. Icebreakers will be submitted by members of Secret’s community. The user can either answer them or ask friends to answer.

So download the app from the Playstore link provided below and enjoy the absolute anonymity and most importantly don’t let anyone JUDGE YOU!!!

The Good:
  • Lucid interface
  • Sheer anonymity
  • Organized feed
The Bad:
  • Nothing yet.

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