Secure your login info when connecting to public Wi-Fi hotspots using ‘Bug Fix – AuthoToken ‘ Android app


Do you often use your Android device to connect to public wi-fi hotspots? If your answer is “YES” then beware cause hackers can access your account details to hack into your account.

Researchers at the University of Ulm, Germany have found that according to the Client Login license agreement with the previous version of Android 2.3.3, when the device logs in to Google services, the device is issued a login authentication token (autho-token) for communication. The authentication token ( autho-token ) is transmitted through a http protocol which hackers can simply intercept in public wifi systems. In short when you log in into your Facebook, Twitter or any other account hackers can easily access the log in information through wi-fi.

So if you often use public wi-fi hotspots then Bug Fix – AuthoToken app can be a life saver for you. The bug fix Autho-token deletes the authotoken information that hacker may attack to steal your account information when you connect to public wi-fi hotspots.

Download the Bug Fix Authotoken