Screen issues being reported on Motorola Droid Razr HD

If you’ve recently acquired a Motorola Droid Razr HD, or it’s twin with the beefed-up battery, the Razr MAXX HD, you might want to check if the display on your phone is acting funny. Droid-Life reported earlier today that the display on a Razr MAXX HD being used by one of its folks, showed a peculiar purplish green hue effect, much like a low-quality LCD screen would when viewed from a steep angle. Only in this case, the viewing angle was normal.

The discoloration seemed to have happened when the phone was woken from sleep mode. The user claims that the phone was doing nothing all the time, except being plugged into a wall socket for an extended period of time. Leaving the phone attached to a charging socket overnight, sometimes for as long as 10-12 hours is something that is not unusual, and may have happened to each one of us at some point or the other. But we have never seen anything like this happen as a result. The worrying thing is that more than one user has started reporting this issue since it was first observed.

Putting the phone back to sleep, and then waking it up again, seems to get the  display back to its original 720p glory. But why it took on that ugly avatar in the first place, is still a mystery which is not unearthed yet. You may want to monitor your Razr HD/MAXX HD closely for symptoms as these, and have a camera ready at hand to snap the screen if you see any signs of discoloration. That should help make the replacement process easier, considering the phone/s have barely been out for a few weeks now.