Sanjay Jha: Motorola Mobility to Bring the Gingerbread First of All

Motorola Mobility’s CEO, Sanjay Jha, is really having lots of fun in the meeting with the Morgan Stanley investors out there. First, he told us that the Webtop app and dock support will feature in all upcoming android phones, including Droid Bionic, which was awesome. Second, he let us know that company plans to enhance the security on Android OS taking help from 3LM, the outfit’s recent acquisition that specializes in the matter. And now, he reminds us that Motorola was the first one to bring Froyo (android 2.2) in 2010 and tells us that the company will be first one again to come with Gingerbread (that’s 0.1 greater than Froyo at Android 2.3). No kidding, it sounds just perfect, but little did he’s aware that an Android 2.3 ROM for Galaxy S — a Samsung product! — has already leaked on the Internet before any of Motorola’s.

Yep, by any measure, leaked ROMs cannot be taken as a hint of when official update is to hit. But what’s its worth, Motorola software team better start burning their midnight oil if they want to prove their CEO right.

Here’s a point though. If Motorola is successful in landing the official Android 2.3 update on any of its device at the very first, it will hold a unique record: being the first one to launch Android 2.2 (Droid 2), Android 3.0 (Motorola XOOM) and Android 2..3 (possibly Droid X). Oh, it did get us Android 2.0 too, on the legendary Moto Droid. Quite impressive, right!

Via Droid-Life

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