Samsung SDI Tianjin factory catches fire!

Update [February 08, 2017]: Latest news out of China confirms that the Fire is now under control at the Samsung SDI Tianjin factory.

In a shocking incident, the factory of Samsung SDI located in Tianjin, China is up on flames. The news has been leaked by @mmddj_china via Twitter. While trying to douse the Note battery flames controversy, it seems the entire unit has caught fire (pun intended!).

The images posted show black smoke hovering over the premises of the Samsung SDI factory. Samsung SDI is the battery-making unit of the Korean giant. In all the images, massive black smoke can be seen coming out of the Tianjin factory and rising high up in the sky.

Till now there’s no official word from Samsung about the fire. And neither can we vouch for the authenticity of the leaked images. But what we do know is that if the news turns out to be true, Samsung might find itself in murky waters once again.

Despite trying hard to straighten things out post the Note 7 fiasco, the company still seems struggling to put things in order.

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One of the attempts to override the Note 7 battery fiasco was to reportedly hire the Japanese manufacturer, Murata Manufacturing Co. Ltd, for supplying Galaxy S8 batteries. Going by the leaked news of factory on fire, the attempt must have surely backfired.

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