Samsung may launch Gear A with the Galaxy Note 5 at the IFA later this year

We know of Samsung’s habit of releasing android wear alongside its smartphones, that’s probably why the rumors that the South Korean company’s next smartwatch, called the Gear A, will be released with the Galaxy Note 5 at IFA later this year did not come as much of a surprise.

The watch — which has been code-named Orbis — was announced by Samsung earlier this year when it also made clear that the latest smart wear from the company will be launched only when its perfect and as such, had prepared everyone for a possible delay. Now however, it seems like the Gear A will be launched alongside the Note 5 in the second quarter of the year. While no official word for the reasons behind this delay have been given, we can make a couple of shrewd guesses.


First off, the Apple watch. Apple’s upcoming smartwatch has been hogging up most of the spotlight these days and Samsung seems keen to avoid a head on confrontation. While a battle between these two is inevitable –considering that they will be released within months of each other — Samsung is probably leery of introducing a less-than-perfect Orbis into the fray.

Secondly, as we also heard tell that the delay is to ensure that Samsung can follow the schedule prepared for product launches and events without any major variations in the pre decided schedule.


Be that as may, anticipations are running high as the release date of the watch draws closer. From what we know about it, it will feature a new user interaction interface employing its rotating bezel rings among other similarly cool stuff.

IFA or not, it is a safe bet to assume that the watch will not be released anytime soon and as such we will probably have to wait for a few more months before we can get it on our wrists.

Source: SamMobile