Samsung Galaxy X1 and X1 Plus release date set for Q3 or Q4 of 2017 [Rumor]

Earlier this week, we reported of a possible Samsung smartphone with a foldable display — Galaxy X1 — in a patent filing. Come today, there is another rumor about the device suggesting that it will launch in the later half of year 2017.

According to a Chinese source, the Galaxy X1 will be releasing in Q3 or Q4 of 2017. The device is believed to carry model number SM-X9000. There will be a Plus variant of the device as well  and it’ll be called, Galaxy X1 Plus, which will carry the SM-X9050 model number.

Apart from a patent filing, which showcases the device featuring a foldable display, we don’t have any other information on the device.

Notably, the release date for Galaxy X1 and X1 Plus is set around the time Samsung releases its Galaxy Note series of smartphones. We’re just wondering if the foldable display on Galaxy X1 would give a better notebook kind of feel on a smartphone, if yes, this thing could very well feature the S-Pen as well.

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