Samsung Galaxy S9 will come with the same 5.7-inch Infinity Display

Samsung Galaxy S8

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is just four months old and rumors surrounding the next year’s Galaxy S9 have already started pouring in.

The latest one to join the rumor mill hints that the standard variant of the Galaxy S9 will have the same 5.7-inch Infinity Display with the bigger Galaxy S9+ retaining the same 6.2-inch Infinity Display as seen on this year’s models.

According to the leak, the company has apparently informed its display department about the said specifications. What this essentially means is that the Galaxy S9’s display will have the same shape and size. This also means that the design, for the most part, will remain the same.

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There were reports, however, claiming that the company will be using a new AMOLED screen technology which is currently codenamed Sunflower. Also, the company will, of course, attempt to integrate the fingerprint scanner on to the display itself.

The Galaxy Note 8 was initially rumored to feature this technology but has later been confirmed to have abandoned it owing to some technical issues.

The report further goes onto mention that the Galaxy Note 9 will use a 6.3-inch Infinity Display which is expected to grace the yet-to-be-announced Galaxy Note 8 as well.

It seems like Samsung doesn’t want to take any risks as far as its flagship handsets are concerned which is suggested by the current report too.

Source: The Investor 

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