Samsung Galaxy S9 could feature Exynos9 processor

A new document leaked on the Chinese variant of Twitter, Weibo reveals that Samsung is already planning for the next (next-to-next, actually) generation of its Exynos SoC, and could simply call it Exynos9. The document has honorable mention of Exynos 8890/8895 chip, which is rumored to power company’s 2017 flagship, Galaxy S8.

Estimated for market launch in 2018, the Exynos9 chip could debut with Galaxy S9, which should release in March 2018.

The leaked text is available only in image format so we can’t call the superpowers of Google Translate here to make out full of this leak, but from the looks of it, we’re guessing that Galaxy Note 8 is not in contention for the Exynos9 chipset, which is in line with Samsung’s policy over the years past of launching its new chipset with Galaxy S set, and using the same or improved version in the Note launch following it.

The Exynos9 best would be compatible with all sort of GSM, CDMA and LTE bands you can imagine of right now, and THERE is also a mention of Exynos 10 — Samsung does plans pretty well in advance for sure.

For now, lets live the present, where Galaxy Note 7 is dead; there is a new blue color of Galaxy S7 edge that’s appealing everyone, and there’s lots of talk around a certain Galaxy set, which you can follow here: Galaxy S8 Specs | Galaxy S8 release date

Via Weibo

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