Samsung Galaxy S4 Specs Rumor: 3 GB RAM and 1080p display whispered again

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It’s about time of the year when the rumor mill churns out some tasty treats for us. Okay, at least as regards the Samsung Galaxy S4!

The latest rumor to reach us has it that Samsung has already started a test batch production of the Exynos Adinos 5450 processor, which is said to be used in the upcoming flagship device for 2013, the Galaxy S4.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is also said to behold a 5 inch 1080p display (would this size become a standard next year?) and will be powered by a 2 GHz Exynos 5450 processor built on the A15 architecture based on 28nm HKMG manufacturing process. Moreover, and obviously to the beatitude of every spec-nerd out there, the Galaxy S4 is rumored to feature a massive 3 GB RAM and, may as well pack an impressive 8-core graphic processor termed as Mali-T658 to laugh at every graphics-challenging game out there.

A 13 MP camera is also on the rumor sheet. It seems Samsung has finally got its hand on a 13 megapixel sensor, after reports emerged that Samsung wanted to use this very cam in Galaxy Note 2, but since Sony couldn’t manage to ship, Note 2 was left to make-do with an 8 MP sensor cam.

While 1080p displays and quad core processors may not be much of a surprise, especially after HTC has already announced its full HD 1080p display boasting 5 inch HTC Butterfly (for Japan). A Verizon bound variant of which, by the name of HTC Droid DNA is about to come, too has somehow got unofficially official, too.

But, you know, that rumor about the 3 GB RAM seems out of proportion. It’s not like 2 GB RAM is looking any outdated, after all, Samsung has used the 2 GB RAM in only 2 of its devices so far – the Galaxy Note 2 and the Galaxy Note 10.1. So, unless we hear it from Samsung itself, we’ll have hard time believing 3 GB RAM could make it to Galaxy S4, or Galaxy S4 could make it with 3 GB RAM.

Rest assured, we can expect Samsung to hoist it’s next flagship smartphone high up in the air by the second quarter of 2013. Speaking of which, since Samsung kept a air-tight lid on the Galaxy S3 till its announcement, do you think Samsung should repeat that with S4 too, or, become nice and simply unveil it at MWC or any other event, like it did for the legendary Galaxy S2?

Kapil contributed to this post!