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Will Galaxy S10 price drop as Galaxy Note 10 has been released now?

South Korean tech giant, Samsung, has officially introduced the Galaxy Note 10 to the world. The Note-series devices have always catered to the enthusiasts, people who aren’t willing to compromise. This year, the company has taken it up a notch by introducing two Note 10 variants — regular Note 10 and Note 10 Plus.

The regular Note 10 starts at $949, while the bigger Note 10 Plus will set you back at least $1,099. Thanks to the hefty price tag, not many would be able to get their hands on Samsung’s latest flagships. However, should that stop you from buying a Samsung flagship?

Samsung unveiled the S10 series in March, bringing three variants for the world to enjoy. All three devices, the S10, S10e, and S10 Plus, were received positively by users and reviewers alike, making Samsung’s 10th anniversary a grand success. With the launch of Galaxy Note 10, the S10 series has been pushed a step below the pecking order.

Yes, the phones will still get the Android Q update from Samsung ahead of Note 10, but they are not the company’s best smartphones anymore. For an average user, however, that shouldn’t be a dealbreaker. The S10 lineup is still one of the best in the business and might get a noticeable price cut now that the Note 10 has launched.

While it’s impossible to say what Samsung intends to do this time around, the company has a knack for being extra generous around mid-August. If you ake a look at Galaxy S9’s Amazon price trend (via camelcamelcamel), you’ll see a steep drop around mid-August, just after Note 9‘s official announcement.

Galaxy S9 Price trend

The phone didn’t get an official price cut just then, but there were some pretty hefty discounts in the following months. It’s difficult to say whether Samsung would take a similar route with the S10 series, but if you’re looking to get yourself a Samsung flagship, keep a close eye on the devices’ price tag over the next couple of months.



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