Galaxy J1 update: July 2018 patch available for J1 Mini Prime

Update [October 17, 2017]: Neither of the Galaxy J1 sets Samsung has ever released are a candidate for Oreo update, just in case you were thinking whether there is any chance of that happening.

Update [April 13, 2017]: Samsung Galaxy J1 (2016) is receiving the April security patch now. Rolling out with software version J120FXXU2AQC3, the latest security patch is based on Android 5.1.1 Lollipop, and it ensures that your device stays protected from malicious bugs and programs out there. 

The little Galaxy J1 at Verizon is among the best deals of budget level Samsung devices. The device is getting a security update today to version PH5, whose full build is actually J100VPPVRU4APH5. Sure, it won’t receive the Nougat update, but that Verizon and Samsung are still caring for the device is a good gesture to see.

That’s still Lollipop based OS update, as the Android build is LMY48B. All Verizon cared enough to say in the changelog is that it contains the latest Google security patches. If you own the Verizon Galaxy J1, then be sure to update it to PH5, because security matters! Head into Settings, and look for system update option.

Galaxy J1 Oreo update [Android 8.0]

Of course, as there is no rollout of even the Android 6.0 update (Marshmallow), there is no chance in this world that the Galaxy J1 devices get Oreo update, let alone Nougat. However, you can watch out for the custom ROM like LineageOS 15.0, which is based on Android 8.0. The LO15 is available for many devices already, and could become available on either or all variants of the J1 by luck. But as far as Samsung official Oreo update is concerned, well, no chance.

Galaxy J1 Nougat update [Android 7.0/7.1.1]

There looks to be very little chances of the device rocking the Android 7.0 Nougat update in future. It’s still running coolly on Lollipop — which we think would suit its hardware the best, anyway — even when Marshmallow has been out for over 11 months now.

Galaxy J1 Marshmallow update [Android 6.0]

No, we don’t see it receiving the Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow update anytime soon either. Because, it’s quite old, and a run to Lollipop is a pretty deal for it now that its successors have arrived in the market.

Globally, the device still makes do with Android 4.4.4 KitKat build, but at Verizon, it launched with Android 5.0.2, and has been updated to Android 5.1.1 even, That is great! But it looks like the end of the road for the device.

Galaxy J1 Mini update timeline

Model no.DateUpdate Download LinkAndroid OSChangelog
SM-J105H19 Mar 2018J105HXWS0ARB2Android 5.1.1March 2018 security patch

Galaxy J1 Mini Prime update timeline

Model no.DateUpdate Download LinkAndroid OSChangelog
SM-J10613 July 2018J106HDDS0ARF2Android 6.0July 2018 security patch
SM-J10622 May 2018J106HJVU0ARE1Android 6.0May 2018 security patch
SM-J1067 Apr 2018J106FJVU0ARC4Android 6.0April 2018 security patch
SM-J10619 Mar 2018J106BDSS0ARC1Android 6.0March 2018 security patch

Galaxy J1 2016 update timeline

Model No.DateUpdate Download LinkAndroid OSChangelog
SM-J120F18 Aug 2017J120FXXU2AQH1Android 5.1.1August 2017 security patch
SM-J120F08 Jul 2017J120FXXU2AQG1Android 5.1.1July 2017 security patch
SM-J120F23 May 2017J120FXXU2AQE2Android 5.1.1May 2017 security patch
SM-J120F15 May 2017J120FXXS2AQE5Android 5.1.1May 2017 security patch
SM-J120F13 Apr 2017J120FXXU2AQD1Android 5.1.1April 2017 security patch
SM-J120F30 Mar 2017J120FXXU2AQC3Android 5.1.1April 2017 security patch
SM-J120F15 Mar 2017J120FXXS2AQC1Android 5.1.1March 2017 security patch
SM-J120F29 Nov 2016J120FXXU1APK2Android 5.1.1December 2016 security patch
SM-J120F28 Oct 2016J120FXXU1APJ3Android 5.1.1November 2016 security patch
SM-J120F04 Oct 2016J120FXXU1APJ1Android 5.1.1October 2016 security patch
SM-J120FN21 Aug 2017J120FNXXS2AQH2Android 5.1.1August 2017 security patch
SM-J120FN29 Jun 2017J120FNXXU2AQF1Android 5.1.1July 2017 security patch
SM-J120FN08 Jun 2017J120FNXXS2AQF1Android 5.1.1June 2017 security patch
SM-J120FN14 Mar 2017J120FNXXS2AQC1Android 5.1.1March 2017 security patch
SM-J120FN21 Dec 2016J120FNXXU1APL3Android 5.1.1December 2016 security patch
SM-J120G16 Mar 2018J120GDDU2ARC2Android 5.1.1March 2018 security patch
SM-J120G05 Jul 2017J120GDDU1AQG1Android 5.1.1July 2017 security patch
SM-J120G29 Jun 2017J120GDXS1AQF1Android 5.1.1July 2017 security patch
SM-J120G28 Jun 2017J120GDDU1AQF5Android 5.1.1July 2017 security patch
SM-J120G16 May 2017J120GDDU1AQE1Android 5.1.1May 2017 security patch
SM-J120G05 Apr 2017J120GDDU1AQD1Android 5.1.1April 2017 security patch
SM-J120G04 Apr 2017J120GDXU1AQD1Android 5.1.1April 2017 security patch
SM-J120G16 Mar 2017J120GDDU1AQC4Android 5.1.1March 2017 security patch
SM-J120G30 Dec 2016J120GDXU1APL2Android 5.1.1January 2017 security patch
SM-J120G19 Dec 2016J120GDDU1APL1Android 5.1.1December 2016 security patch
SM-J120G24 Nov 2016J120GDDU1APK6Android 5.1.1November 2016 security patch
SM-J120G22 Jul 2016J120GDDU1APG7Android 5.1.1July 2016 security patch
SM-J120G08 Jun 2016J120GDXU1APF2Android 5.1.1June 2016 security patch
SM-J120G26 Mar 2016J120GDXU1APC6Android 5.1.1April 2016 security patch
SM-J120H13 Apr 2018J120HXXU0ARB2Android 5.1.1March 2018 security patch
SM-J120H12 Jun 2017J120HXXS0AQF1Android 5.1.1June 2017 security patch
SM-J120H24 May 2017J120HXXU0AQE2Android 5.1.1May 2017 security patch
SM-J120H18 May 2017J120HXXS0AQE1Android 5.1.1May 2017 security patch
SM-J120H12 Apr 2017J120HXXS0AQD2Android 5.1.1April 2017 security patch
SM-J120H03 Mar 2017J120HXXU0AQC1Android 5.1.1March 2017 security patch
SM-J120H21 Feb 2017J120HXXU0AQB3Android 5.1.1February 2017 security patch
SM-J120H04 Jan 2017J120HXXS0AQA1Android 5.1.1January 2017 security patch
SM-J120H02 Dec 2016J120HXXU0APL2Android 5.1.1December 2016 security patch
SM-J120H18 Nov 2016J120HXXU0APK3Android 5.1.1November 2016 security patch
SM-J120H06 May 2016J120HXXU0APE1Android 5.1.1May 2016 security patch
SM-J120M12 May 2017J120MUBS2AQE1Android 5.1.1May 2017 security patch
SM-J120M12 May 2017J120MUBU2AQE1Android 5.1.1May 2017 security patch
SM-J120M28 Mar 2017J120MUBU2AQC2Android 5.1.1April 2017 security patch
SM-J120M16 Nov 2016J120MUBU1APK1Android 5.1.1November 2016 security patch
SM-J120M26 Jul 2016J120MUBU1APG2Android 5.1.1August 2016 security patch
SM-J120M22 Jun 2016J120MUBU1APF2Android 5.1.1June 2016 security patch
SM-J120M08 Mar 2016J120MUBU1APC1Android 5.1.1March 2016 security patch
SM-J120M12 Jan 2016J120MUBU1APA1Android 5.1.1Not Available
SM-J120M11 Dec 2015J120MUBU1AOL3Android 5.1.1Not Available
SM-J120W04 Jan 2017J120WVLU2AQA1Android 6.0.1January 2017 security patch
SM-J120W04 Oct 2016J120WVLS2APJ1Android 6.0.1October 2016 security patch
SM-J120W31 Mar 2016J120WVLU1APC8Android 6.0.1April 2016 security patch
SM-J120ZN26 Jul 2017J120ZNDVU1AQG2Android 5.1.1August 2017 security patch
SM-J120ZN06 Jul 2017J120ZNDVU1AQG1Android 5.1.1July 2017 security patch
SM-J120ZN24 May 2017J120ZNDVU1AQE2Android 5.1.1May 2017 security patch
SM-J120ZN27 Feb 2017J120ZNDVU1AQB2Android 5.1.1February 2017 security patch
SM-J120ZN10 Feb 2017J120ZNDVU1AQB1Android 5.1.1February 2017 security patch
SM-J120ZN24 Dec 2016J120ZNDVU1APL2Android 5.1.1December 2016 security patch
SM-J120ZN17 Nov 2016J120ZNDVU1APK1Android 5.1.1November 2016 security patch
SM-J120ZN28 Jun 2016J120ZNDVU1APF9Android 5.1.1July 2016 security patch
SM-J120ZN22 Jun 2016J120ZNDVU1APF6Android 5.1.1June 2016 security patch
SM-J120ZN26 May 2016J120ZNDVU1APE5Android 5.1.1June 2016 security patch

Galaxy J1 Ace update timeline

Model No.DateUpdate Download LinkAndroid OSChangelog
SM-J110F16 Feb 2016J110FXXU0APB1Android 4.4.4February 2016 security patch
SM-J110F16 Feb 2016J110FXXU0APB1Android 4.4.4Not Available
SM-J110F02 Dec 2015J110FXXU0AOL1Android 4.4.4Not Available
SM-J110F03 Nov 2015J110FXXU0AOK4Android 4.4.4Not Available
SM-J110F03 Oct 2015J110FXXU0AOJ3Android 4.4.4Not Available
SM-J110F31 Jul 2015J110FXXU0AOGEAndroid 4.4.4Not Available
SM-J110G22 Feb 2016J110GDXU0APB1Android 4.4.4February 2016 security patch
SM-J110G04 Aug 2015J110GDXU0AOH2Android 4.4.4Not Available
SM-J110H07 Sep 2017J110HXXU0AQI1Android 4.4.4August 2017 security patch
SM-J110H18 Aug 2017J110HXXS0AQH1Android 4.4.4August 2017 security patch
SM-J110H19 Jul 2017J110HXXU0AQG4Android 4.4.4July 2017 security patch
SM-J110H03 Jul 2017J110HXXU0AQG1Android 4.4.4July 2017 security patch
SM-J110H23 Jun 2017J110HXXU0AQF2Android 4.4.4June 2017 security patch
SM-J110H23 Jun 2017J110HXXU0AQF4Android 4.4.4June 2017 security patch
SM-J110H08 Jun 2017J110HXXS0AQF1Android 4.4.4May 2017 security patch
SM-J110H22 May 2017J110HXXS0AQE4Android 4.4.4May 2017 security patch
SM-J110H28 Mar 2017J110HXXS0AQC3Android 4.4.4April 2017 security patch
SM-J110H02 Mar 2017J110HXXU0AQC1Android 4.4.4March 2017 security patch
SM-J110H29 Dec 2016J110HXXU0APL2Android 4.4.4January 2017 security patch
SM-J110H01 Dec 2016J110HXXS0APL1Android 4.4.4December 2016 security patch
SM-J110L15 May 2017J110LUBS0AQE2Android 4.4.4May 2017 security patch
SM-J110L02 Feb 2017J110LUBS0AQB1Android 4.4.4February 2017 security patch
SM-J110L21 Dec 2016J110LUBU0APL2Android 4.4.4December 2016 security patch
SM-J110L26 Oct 2016J110LUBU0APJ2Android 4.4.4November 2016 security patch
SM-J110L08 Jun 2016J110LUBU0APF1Android 4.4.4June 2016 security patch
SM-J110L29 Feb 2016J110LUBU0APC1Android 4.4.4Not Available
SM-J110L31 Jul 2015J110LUBU0AOG8Android 4.4.4Not Available
SM-J110M17 Nov 2015J110MUBU0AOK3Android 5.1.1Not Available
SM-J110M03 Nov 2015J110MUBU0AOK2Android 5.1.1Not Available
SM-J110M01 Oct 2015J110MUBU0AOJ1Android 5.1.1Not Available
SM-J110M21 Aug 2015J110MUBU0AOH7Android 5.1.1Not Available
SM-J110M10 Aug 2015J110MUBU0AOH1Android 5.1.1Not Available
SM-J111F12 Sep 2017J111FXXU0AQI2Android 5.1.1August 2017 security patch
SM-J111F29 Jun 2017J111FXWU0AQF3Android 5.1.1July 2017 security patch
SM-J111F21 Jun 2017J111FXXU0AQF3Android 5.1.1June 2017 security patch
SM-J111F08 Jun 2017J111FXXU0AQF1Android 5.1.1June 2017 security patch
SM-J111F04 Apr 2017J111FXWU0AQD2Android 5.1.1April 2017 security patch
SM-J111F04 Apr 2017J111FXXU0AQD2Android 5.1.1April 2017 security patch
SM-J111F20 Feb 2017J111FXXU0AQB5Android 5.1.1February 2017 security patch
SM-J111F28 Dec 2016J111FXWU0APLAAndroid 5.1.1October 2016 security patch
SM-J111F28 Dec 2016J111FXWU0APLBAndroid 5.1.1December 2016 security patch
SM-J111F28 Dec 2016J111FXXU0APL9Android 5.1.1September 2016 security patch
SM-J111F28 Dec 2016J111FXXU0APLBAndroid 5.1.1December 2016 security patch
SM-J111M1 March 2018J111MUBU0ARC1Android 5.1.1March 2018 security patch
SM-J111M27 Sep 2017J111MUBU0AQI1Android 5.1.1August 2017 security patch
SM-J111M19 Jun 2017J111MUBU0AQF2Android 5.1.1June 2017 security patch
SM-J111M30 Mar 2017J111MUBU0AQC2Android 5.1.1April 2017 security patch
SM-J111M01 Feb 2017J111MUBU0AQB2Android 5.1.1February 2017 security patch
SM-J111M19 Jan 2017J111MUBU0AQA3Android 5.1.1January 2017 security patch
SM-J111M28 Dec 2016J111MUBU0APLAAndroid 5.1.1October 2016 security patch

How to install Galaxy J1 update firmware

Well, check the exact model no. of your device, and then download the firmware file from the link given above for the given update. When the download is complete on your PC, simply install it using the Samsung’s unofficial software called Odin.

For help with Odin download and installation, check out our guide on Samsung firmware installation here.


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