Samsung Galaxy foldable smartphone could cost a fortune, launch scheduled for 2019

Talks of a Samsung Galaxy foldable smartphone aren’t the in thing, but details about the phone have remained patchy over the course. In fact, it’s only until earlier this year that we got actual confirmation from the Korean company that indeed the Galaxy X, which is what many publications prefer to call it, is real.

Despite CEO DJ Koh’s statement, there haven’t been many developments showing up with respect to the Galaxy foldable smartphone, but today, there’s one coming from Korea that sheds some light on what Samsung is planning.

According to The Korean Times, Samsung Galaxy foldable smartphone will be ready for purchase as from 2019, but you better control your lust for the device is said to cost in the regions of $2000. Of course, this isn’t a cheap price tag and for a device that will be making its debut, it seems like a far-fetched move, but then again, this is Samsung we are talking about.

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Like what we’ve seen before on the ZTE Axon M, it is said that the Samsung Galaxy foldable smartphone will have two display screens that unfold to make one. A 4.3-inch outside panel will also be part of the phone to act as a cover. When unfolded, the Galaxy X will achieve a maximum screen size of 7.3 inches.

As you can see, we are already talking about three display screens, which means that the said Galaxy X could be thicker than what you’d expect to see on a modern smartphone. Still, “in a world where Android backers are doing all they can to stand out from the crowd, the reason top-tier smartphone firms are jumping into the market is because foldable designs are different and allow customers to use them one-handed, while also providing a larger high-resolution display when multitasking is desired,” a Samsung engineer said.

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As for the launch date, Samsung is said to be working on showing the prototype to carriers beginning 2019, something that explains the alleged 2019 release date for the Galaxy X.

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