Samsung Galaxy Camera EK-KC100 gets DLNA certification

Samsung and it’s Galaxy lineup sure seems to be doing the rounds today. Earlier this morning, we wrote about the Galaxy Camera getting ready for release in South Korea next month. In addition to that, we have just discovered that the Samsung Galaxy Camera EK-KC100, has also received DLNA certification. Just what was required for an already awesome device with a variety of connectivity options.

DLNA, in case you are unaware, stands for the Digital Living Network Alliance. It is an alliance between various manufacturers which have created a standard to make all their devices compatible with each other in a home network, irrespective of who the manufacturer is. Once a product is tested to meet that standard, it is DLNA certified.

Products that are DLNA certified are recognized, with little or no setup, as soon as you connect them to your network. DLNA certification means that the device plays a role in your home network and that other DLNA products can communicate with it seamlessly. DLNA certification for the Samsung Galaxy Camera would mean that  you can share photos and home videos with family and friends. It can operate as a Digital Media Server to store a series of photos or videos, then send them to view on devices such as smartphone, laptops and tablets.

Cool, isn’t it? So are you going to get one for yourself? Let us know in comments below

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