Samsung foldable smartphones release set for Q3 2017

Samsung could very well soon become the proud recipient of the tag of producing the ‘world’s first foldable smartphone.’ A new report from Korea suggests that Samsung has reached the final stage of development of foldable smartphone and a prototype could be making its way into the market in Q3 this year itself.

Samsung is not new to the concept of foldable OLED displays, rather it has been in this domain for years now. As such, it won’t come as surprise if it soon becomes the first OEM to produce foldable smartphones. But what seems to be forcing Samsung to hurry its pace of release is the fact that many Chinese panel manufacturers are also working on their way of producing prototype of foldable displays. And given that, although these OEMs may not be as or more superior to Samsung in terms of tech, they have the reputation of putting things together from here and there and quickly come up with something new. Also, in line is release of Apple’s iPhone 8 with OLED panel sometime in Q3.

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With all these aspects in mind, Samsung has set the target of releasing foldable smartphone protoype in this third quarter. If a past rumor is to be believed, around 100,000 units of the device are target for production in Q3, with more than 100,000 in plans for Q4 2017. But before going directly to mobile network providers, Samsung will ensure the quality and performance of these prototypes internally by conducting tests and checking responses from markets in advance. Only after gauging the market response will Samsung start mass-production.

Based on Samsung’s decision to produce prototypes in Q3 2017, we can safely assume that official mass-production of foldable smartphones from the OEM will take place in 2018.

The Korean report suggests that Samsung plans to produce and market its foldable smartphone, which is rumored to be named as ‘Galaxy X’, as an ultra premium luxurious device which will be ‘one-step higher than regular flagship smartphones’.

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