Samsung Device Clears Bluetooth SIG. Is it the Verizon’s Droid/Nexus Prime?

Nexus Prime is not the Nexus Prime and it, in fact, is the Droid Prime destined to Verizon Wireless — we heard this rumor yesterday. Now, we just spotted a Samsung device clear Bluetooth SIG labs today, codenamed SCH-i515. FYI, the SCH coding is what Samsung uses for its phones to identify them for Verizon Wireless. Samsung’s last release at Verizon Wireless, the Droid Charge, was nicknamed SCH-i510. So, is it the Droid Prime clearing its way to big Red? And given the addition of 005, from Charge’s i510 to i515, it not wrong to expect it a better phone than Charge — which further lead us to believe that it is Droid Prime. And it’s already clear to us that no Galaxy S 2 variant will be launched at Verizon.

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