Samsung Announces 4 New Android Phones: Galaxy Ace, Galaxy Fit, Galaxy Gio and Galaxy Mini

Samsung has announced 4 new entry level android phones: Galaxy Ace, Galaxy Fit, Galaxy Gio and Galaxy Mini. All run on Android 2.2 (froyo) and while Ace and Gio feature 800 MHz processor, Fit and Mini do with old 600 MHz processor. The screen size and the price will weigh in hard to decide which one’s right for you.

We know you’ve seriously crossed your fingers for Samsung’s MWC performance where the company is ought to reveal more info (and probably announce) the likes of Galaxy S2 and Galaxy tab2 and more — so it makes right sense for Samsung to announce not-so-special phones right before the MWC (Mobile World Congress) event. Speaking of which, 4 new android phones — child of the Galaxy family — will be hitting soon near you, named as Galaxy Ace, Galaxy Fit, Galaxy Gio and Galaxy Mini. With 10 million (and counting) Galaxy S already sold as also over 1 million Galaxy Tabs, using the Galaxy name even for lesser mortal devices isn’t a bad thinking, right?

Unless you’re really looking to purchase an entry level phone or the one to start your smartphone experience without a bang, there is actually nothing very interesting for you. All the 4 phones don’t feature any of the great features — like, super AMOLED screen, hummingbird processor, gorilla glass, etc — for which Galaxy S lineup is known for, except the name.

The latest Galaxy Quartet is expected to hit the Russia first of all — on an immediate basis — while other European countries will get them pretty soon too, with India and China to follow. No word on when it’s going to hit North American soil, which again is very much (or let’s be frank with it, totally) upto carriers to choose and decide, hence the delay!

And all the phones — Galaxy Ace, Galaxy Fit, Galaxy Gio and Galaxy Mini — run android 2.2, so the only major difference between them is the screen real estate, except that Galaxy Ace and Galaxy Gio enjoy most powerful processor, the 800 MHz MSM 7227 powerhouse, while the rest of them, Fit and Mini, hang in tight with old generation 600 MHz of power, okay type you know!

To us, Galaxy Ace looks like a winner but the real winner will be known only when Samsung throws in the retail prices — which will be the most deciding factor — as the price and screen size are what will be weighed to each other to decide which one’s best for anyone. Of course, expect Ace to be costliest of the bag and Mini to be least costing among the above 4 new Samsung phones.

Oh screen sizes, by the way, are:

Galaxy Ace: 3.5 inches (If Galaxy S was iPhone 3GS’ copy, here is Samsung’s thinking of what iPhone 4 would and should look like on android)

Galaxy Fit: 3.3 inches

Galaxy Gio: 3.2 (Same as Samsung Galaxy 5, which runs on Android 2.1)

Galaxy Mini: 3.15 (That’s poor! Come On Sammy, why ripping it of the minimum preferred 3.2 inches, huh!)

Here is what Samsung’s press release says about each phone:

Samsung GALAXY Ace

Samsung Galaxy Ace

The Samsung GALAXY Ace is designed for trendy and sociable young professionals. With its sophisticated design, the Samsung GALAXY Ace has been created to be simple yet elegant. The Samsung GALAXY Ace offers a premium experience with a 3.5-inch HVGA display on a compact and comfortable handset. However, the stylish smartphone does not compromise on capabilities, with a 800MHz processor, GoogleTM voice search and ThinkFree document viewer.

The Samsung GALAXY Ace is immediately available in Russia and will be available in other European countries, India and China.

Samsung GALAXY Fit

Samsung Galaxy Fit

The Samsung GALAXY Fit is for the user who wants a device that meets all the challenges of a professional career and a busy social life. On a 3.31-inch QVGA display, the Samsung GALAXY Fit keeps you not only on the job from anywhere with office viewer, but also on the run for fun from photos taken with 5MP camera to music.It is functional and fun with a user experience that is optimized for sharing and smooth web browsing on the go with a 600MHz processor. No complications and no conflicts, the Samsung GALAXY Fit can help you lead a double life with a professional design that doesn’t compromise on enhanced capabilities.

The Samsung GALAXY Fit will be available from February in Russia and gradually to other European countries, India and South America.

Samsung GALAXY Gio

Samsung Galaxy Gio

The Samsung GALAXY Gio, with its sleek design and enhanced social networking capabilities is perfect for stylish young professional who want to stay connected. Based on the Italian term for “jewel”, the name Gio reflects design perfection and the strength to last with a 3.2-inch HVGA display. The Samsung GALAXY Gio marries brains and beauty for users that want a smartphone that offers the best of both worlds.

The Samsung GALAXY Gio will come to Russia and gradually to other European countries, India and China.

Samsung GALAXY mini

Samsung Galaxy Mini

An ideal first smartphone for trendy and sociable youngsters, the Samsung GALAXY mini is a breath of fresh air for those that want a smart device that is as fun as it functional. Emboldened with a flashy color stripe along the side, this mobile keeps you connected to everything that matters in your life. With a 3.14-inch QVGA display, the Samsung GALAXY mini embodies great productivity and performance in a compact design that is full of personality. The Perfect gift for smartphone-rookies, it also offers GoogleTM voice actions and Quick Office document viewer, all powered by a 600MHz processor. The Samsung GALAXY mini is a fun and funky way to embrace the smartphone generation.

The Samsung GALAXY mini is available in Russia and will gradually roll out in other European countries, India and China.

Source: Korean IT Times

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