S6 series very popular says T mobile, sales through the roof

We always expected Samsung’s recently announced Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge to perform quite well in the market. Ever since the devices were showcased at the MWC in march, they gained much appreciation due to their sleek looks, metal bodies, spectacular specs and in case of the S6 Edge, the dual edged screen. Everyone — Samsung included — hoped these devices to perform better than their predecessors along the Galaxy series. Well, it seems like barely 10 days after pre-orders started the devices have already outstripped their forerunners.


A recent report from carrier T mobile said that the devices are performing exceptionally well on its site. The report went on to term the customer response as “through the roof” and added that in the 10 days since 27th of March — which is when T mobile started taking pre orders — the sales of the new Galaxy S6 series models has been “nearly double those of the S5″. The carrier also expects this trend to continue well into the future.

Well if these sales are any indication, the S6 series is probably on its way — if it’s not already — to becoming the most sought after phone Galaxy phone ever which is great news for Samsung considering all the hopes the South Korean company had pinned to it after rapidly declining fortunes.

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Source: SamMobile