How to Root Lineage OS

Right after Cyanogen announced discontinuation of its services including the Cyanogen-supported nightly builds from 31st Dec ’16, the original team behind CyanogenMod took the matter in its own hands with the release of a new OS called Lineage OS.

Although Lineage OS is not only a re-brand of CyanogenMod, but it’ll still remain largely the same as the last builds of CyanogenMod were meant to be. And that gives us a hint that rooting Lineage OS would still remain very much similar to that of getting root access on CyanogenMod ROMs.

Although CyanogenMod ROMs have always had root access built-in, but on the more recent builds of the ROM, the feature was kept disabled by default upon install. But enabling the feature back on is as simple as it can be.

How to Enable Root on Lineage OS

  1. Enable Developer options: Go to Settings » About phone » Tap seven times on Build number.
  2. Go back to Settings main menu and open Developer options from there.
  3. Look for Root access setting, and set it to Apps and ADB or Apps only or ADB only, as per your need.
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  1. I used the experimantal migration image, then installed the nightly on a Nexus7 flo. I now only have option for ADB or none, no apps option.

  2. I just did the migration from Cyanogen with root enabled in dev options using the experimental migration image and then the nightly LineageOS image. Now I only get an option in developer options for ADB or none for root, no apps.

  3. I also have only the Adb option.

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