Report: All three Galaxy S10 variants will have an in-display fingerprint scanner

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Samsung Galaxy S10 is the next big thing and as the clock ticks, more info keeps popping up.

A while ago, reports emerged suggesting the Galaxy S10 will come in three variants, where a smaller model will be added to the typical S10 and S10+. At the time, it was revealed that one of the differentiators between the high-end and entry-level variants will be the fingerprint scanner, where the S10 and S10+ were reported to come with an in-display fingerprint scanner while the 5-inch model, which we’ve tentatively named Galaxy S10 SE, will have the scanner on the side, much like on the Motorola Moto Z3 Play.

Now, fresh reports coming from Korea courtesy of The Investor suggest that all three variants of the Galaxy S10 will come with an in-display fingerprint scanner. However, only the S10 and S10+ will have the more advanced ultrasonic scanner as opposed to the optical sensor that will be used in the S10 SE. The latter is what you’ll find on phones that currently support in-display fingerprint scanning, but it’s said to be less secure given that it captures a flat, 2D image of the fingerprint compared to the 3D image created by the former.

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The ultrasonic fingerprint scanner is also more accurate, especially since it won’t be affected by things like sweat, light or even grease on fingers. Since this type of technology is said to be three times more costly than optical sensors, expect the price of the Galaxy S10 and S10+ to skyrocket compared to the S9 and S9+, much like the Galaxy Note 9 versus Note 8. The ultrasonic sensors that will be used on the S10 and S10+ will be supplied by Qualcomm.

The report also adds that Samsung Galaxy S10 will be launched in February 2019, which coincides with the annual MWC tech show – the expected launch event for the device.

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