[Render] This is how HTC One M9 would look with reduced BoomSound speakers size on front

We all have to agree that HTC’s flagship phones are undoubtedly among the most stunning model released every year. And they are often a bit smaller than the large phones which are put out by LG and Samsung. But now, it looks like HTC will be breaking the tradition and come out with a super sized flagship with the One M9.

With One M9, HTC has apparently taken its relationship with sound to a whole new level. There were rumors that HTC had partnered with Bose to minimize the iconic BoomSound speakers that have decked HTC smartphones for some time now. Although the HTC One M8 is arguably the best smartphone out there for blasting music through the speakers, there is one downside to it, i.e. its height. At 416.4mm, the One M8 seems a bit taller.

So, if the BoomSound speakers were smaller, that would allow the phone to be small on the whole. Or, HTC could make the screen larger without changing the overall size of the device. So, the best choice for all these was obvious – Bose, who are seemingly the masters of getting big sound out of small things! The HTC One M9 bottom half render which you can see in the picture is based on the leaked prototype and it shows us up close and personal what the slimmed down BoomSound set would look like with speaker slits on top and bottom.

There is no information about the sound quality from the diminished speakers but, we are keeping our hopes high for the HTC One M9!

Via: PhoneArena