Why the Galaxy Note 7 will be cheap after 3 months?

Galaxy Note 7 is arguably the best mobile phone today, but its luck wasn’t. It will be among first device to receive Nougat update too, but the whole explosive battery fiasco which pushed Samsung to recall Note 7, has left a bad impression among consumers and has hurt the Samsung’s image a bit too. Now we’re hearing that Samsung is exploring the option of selling the refurbished Galaxy Note 7 next year, which we believe will be recalled Note 7 sets, which has explosive battery.

Of course, the battery will be replaced with the good one, and all other quality checks the new Note 7 goes through will be conducted, so safety wise it’s not a problem at all to buy those refurbished Note 7 sets, but, buying currently would look like a big loss than otherwise.

Cheap Note 7 next year, why?

If Samsung decides to sell the refurbished Note 7 — which it will because rumor has a valid base, and comes from trusted Korean source — then the Note 7 will become a lot cheaper to buy than when only new ones were being sold by Samsung at high price.

Samsung is looking to sell such units in emerging markets like India — in unrelated news, FYI, this scribbler belongs, lives and does its trade in this very awesome country — and Vietnam, so this price reduction should not impact other countries.

But, if you buy — or have bought — a Note 7 now, you would have hard time finding good selling price for it when you decide to sell it in 2017 because of availability of Samsung’s own refurbished units.

Refurbished Note 7 price: expected price

We expect Samsung to under cut the price by good 15-20% for refurbished Note 7, compared to that of new one. Given the high price it currently trades at, 20% means a lot on Note 7 — you might even easily buy a cool Honor 5X with the difference price.

And when you go to sell your refurbished Note 7, it won’t hurt your wallet a lot, either.

Refurbished Note 7: Why buy?

People wouldn’t want to buy the new handset when the company itself is selling the refurbished one. Right now, Samsung’s refurbished Galaxy sets are not sold directly (never were), neither by the company, nor by popular online channels like Flipkart, Amazon, etc.

Only some sellers at eBay.in in India sell refurbished Samsung Android phones, but with such sellers, buying assurance is way lower than compared to online retailers, and now, Samsung itself.

And we know refurbished products are often as good as the new ones exactly, and the deal is almost always awesome. So, if you are not the guy who just wanna buy the new Note 7 for the sake of new, you would easy settle for the refurbished Note 7, which will be at around 15-20% discounted price than the new one.


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