PSA: The Night mode camera update for Galaxy S10 is not live in the US yet

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Night mode camera

In April, Samsung released an update to the Exynos variants of the Galaxy S10 family with support for a dedicated Night mode in the camera app.

While those using the global variant are enjoying this new feature, American users of the Galaxy S10 handsets are yet to get a taste of Night mode in their camera apps. This has caused frustration among them, with some asking if the latest updates to May 2019 security patch includes the feature. FYI, the updates in question are builds ASD7 on AT&T, ASDA on Sprint, ASD9 on T-Mobile and Verizon Wireless, and ASDB on the U.S. unlocked model.

Galaxy S10+ May patch

Well, we are sorry to disappoint you, but the wait for a dedicated Night mode feature in U.S. variants of the Galaxy S10 series is still on. Perhaps the next update will bring the feature, but we can’t say for sure.

The Night mode feature greatly improves low-light photos captured on the S10 devices and to make it even better, the company recently updated the camera to include the ability to capture Night mode photos using the wide-angle lens.

Unfortunately, this update had issues that caused feezing of the device when using apps like WhatsApp, Twitter, and so on, but Samsung has been quick to fix the bug. This issue was reported on Exynos variants of the Galaxy S10 series, so we don’t expect them to recur on the U.S. variants with Snapdragon processors.

Still, some users say that silent mode isn’t working after the latest update to May 2019 security patch, so you might still want to check our page on more related Galaxy S10 problems and their possible solutions.

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  1. U.S. s10 plus owner here. Still dont have dedicated night mode.

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