Preview Video of Co-op Android game, Gunslugs, is out!

Gunslugs is an exciting new Arcade game by OrangePixel- the creators of popular arcade games for Android such as Chrono&Cash and INC. OrangePixel games are unique in that they have a distinctive 80’s retro 16-bit feel to them, by design. But make no mistake, in that they are fast paced, frantic and provide hours and hours of gaming fun on your Android device.

OrangePixel’s latest game is called Gunslugs, and it is a chaotic run-n-gun  game. The concept of the game is simple – You run, you shoot everything that moves in front of you, and you try to survive as long as possible. The game throws procedurally generated levels at you so every game is different.  You have a single life, so shoot first ask later. You can also shoot crates and stuff, to discover extra ammo and  medkits hidden inside them.

Interestingly, OrangePixel has also included a two-player co-op mode to Gunslugs, which is going to make it even more exciting to play. The co-op mode involves two players, who can control the on-screen characters using a variety of supported controllers like Wii-motes and bluetooth controllers, with the game being projected onto a larger display via HDMI out on  the phone.

Check out the list of controller support that OrangePixel has built into this game:

  • Xperia Play – Nuff Said
  • iCade – since this is a bluetooth controller it works without any extra apps
  • Wii-motes – using the WiiMote Controller app, you can use two wii-motes for Co-op play
  • Phonejoy BT Controllers
  • Gametel controller

Orangepixel has released a preview video of the co-op mode in action. The preview was done with the game running on an Android phone, hooked to a TV through HDMI out and two bluetooth controllers. Go ahead and check out the preview video

[youtube video_id=”0hfI4MYzH4Y” width=”620″ height=”400″ /]

Gunslugs is still in beta, and should be out before the end of this year. Personally, I think this is a really cool game, very much like Contra used to be once upon a time. The ability to play co-op with your friend is really cool and  I am definitely getting this game once it releases- Are you game for some retro gaming joy?