Poco F1 and Xiaomi Mi 8 receive MIUI beta update 8.10.11

Good news for the owners of the Poco F1 and Xiaomi Mi 8 smartphones, as a new MIUI beta update 8.10.11 is currently in the process of being rolled out to them.

This is a global version and should start hitting eligible devices as we speak. Although, if you prefer it, you can download them from here:


Poco F1

Recovery ROM | 1.6GB

Xiaomi Mi 8

Recovery ROM | 1.6GB

These are both betas builds, so you should, of course, make sure to back up all of your data before attempting to install the new software on your device. Or else, risk losing all you had on your phone, prior to the experience.

What’s more, it’s recommended to connect to a stable Wi-Fi before attempting anything. Your battery should also be charged, at least up to 50%.

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The Xiaomi Mi 8 and Poco F1 are new devices, so of course, they are first in line to receive the newest updates available.

Information regarding the changelog is scarce, so if you have received the update on your phone, let us know what changes it brings to the table. The comment section is yours!