Pinterest Lens BETA now available via today’s update

pinterest lens

Have you ever wanted to point your camera towards a certain special thing to get related results? Well, the latest update of Pinterest lets you do the exact same thing.

The social app, Pinterest, that lets you discover and save creative ideas, hacks, recipes and style inspiration has introduced an intelligent camera feature in its latest update that goes by the name Pinterest Lens.

With the Pinterest lens, you can discover related and relevant ideas to the thing you point your camera at. For instance, you like a shoe and want to see similar shoes, just open the Pinterest app, pull up the search bar and tap the camera icon and point it towards your shoe. You will be bombarded with the similar shoe pictures.

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Awesome, right?

Also, just to let you know, the Lens feature is still in the Beta. So, umm, don’t hate it yet in case you face any issue.

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