OnePlus 7 Pro camera to be improved in an upcoming update

Faster OnePlus 7 Pro

OnePlus phones are always the best when it comes to speed and affordability, but one thing the latter aspect has always had a huge impact on is the quality of photography. This is true for the latest OnePlus 7 Pro, which has killer specs but with a subpar camera despite having a tri-lens setup.

To make it better, OnePlus has promised to release a software update in the near future with much-needed improvements to make the quality of photography “substantially better.”

After unhappy users of OnePlus 7 Pro went to the official OnePlus forums to rant about the quality of photos they get on their brand new device, OxygenOS product manager Jimmy Z was quick to point out that works on the camera performance are ongoing and in fact, they aim to provide camera improvements with each software update they push to the device, including tweaks to HDR and Nightscape modes.

Just in case you are wondering, these changes will be part of the update expected to roll out in a week or so. We expect the promised addition of Nightscape to other cameras and ability to record videos using other lenses besides the 48MP unit to be included in the upcoming update.


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