OnePlus 2 will announced officially on July 27 in virtual reality

oneplus 2

OnePlus has announced that it will be unveiling the upcoming flagship smartphone OnePlus 2 on July 27. Furthermore, the firm has also revealed that it will happen in virtual reality. It has to be noted that this is the world’s first virtual reality product launch so far.

The has been showing bits and pieces of the OnePlus 2 confirming that the device will make use of the Snapdragon 810 processor and arrive with USB Type-C connectivity. However, there was no specific launch date other than the generic third quarter time frame.

In the meantime, OnePlus will continue revealing the specifications of the smartphone one by one. By the time the OnePlus 2 launched next month we will have an idea of what it will boast of and how it will look like.

Via: Android Central