“OK Google” command no longer unlocks your Android phone

Google is doing away with the ability to unlock your Android phone using the “OK Google” command. This was coming and it was only a matter of time following Google’s decision to disable the feature on the Pixel 3 phones.

The Voice Match feature used voice mapping software to provide users with an extra layer of security, but following this move, 9to5Google reports that the command will from now henceforth return fewer personal results like email and calendar entries from the company’s digital assistant without manually unlocking the phone.

Essentially, what this means is that Google Assistant will still display visual or verbal cues for things like email, calendar entries, reminders, and other important stuff with the phone locked. But this change also means that things like playing music without unlocking the phone won’t be possible anymore.

This move comes after Google previously warned users that a “similar voice or recording of your voice could unlock your device.” The rollout to more devices was expected to happen at some point following Google’s statement back at the CES 2019.


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