[Official] Nexus 5X CM14.1 Nightly with Android 7.1 Nougat arrives, download it here

Your Nexus 5X might already be running on Android 7.1.1 developer preview but if you want the feature a CyanogenMod ROM offers, then you’d happy to know that official CM14.1 for Nexus 5X is now available for download.

FYI, The nightly builds aren’t fully stable but has major bugs/issues sorted out and hence are pretty safe to install/flash to your device.

Also, the current nightly builds (as of 9th Nov, 2016) of CM14.1 for Nexus 5X doesn’t have all of the CyanogenMod specific functions like CM Theme Manager working yet. You might have to wait a bit more if these functions are important for you.

Download the Nexus 5X CM14.1 nightly ROM from the link below and follow the instructions link to install it on your phone.

[icon name=”download” class=”” unprefixed_class=””] Download Nexus 5X CM14.1

[icon name=”hand-o-right” class=”” unprefixed_class=””] How to Install CM14 using TWRP and CyanogenMod recovery

Happy Androiding! 

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