Official Android 4.1 Jelly Bean Update for Samsung Galaxy S2 i9100 coming in November

Rejoice all ye’ Galaxy S2 owners! The official Jelly Bean Android 4.1 update might be coming to your device as early as November this year, if Samsung Sweden is to be believed, who posted the tentative update schedule for different Samsung devices, which indicates the Galaxy S2 Android 4.1 update will be coming in November.

The schedule also mentions that the Galaxy S3 will be getting the update in October-November, and the Galaxy S2 will apparently be next in line (no other device is mentioned as getting an update to 4.1 and considering it’s a big list of devices, that’s pretty sad to see).

Of course, if you’re the adventurous kind, you can find custom unofficial Jelly Bean ROMs for the Galaxy S2 here, but those who prefer the official update can also be glad that the update will be coming in a couple of months. There may be delays as is usually the case, but hey, never killed anyone to keep a bit of hope, right?