Notion’s new Calendar App Brings Built-in Scheduling to Mac, Windows, and iOS

Notion, a popular note-taking service, has launched a new standalone Calendar app with built-in scheduling and productivity features. The app is available for free on multiple platforms including Mac, Windows, iOS, and the web. 

The app lets you search and connect all relevant Notion docs (documents, project timelines, and task due dates) to meetings and manage database items as events directly within the calendar. To avoid missing important events, Notion Calendar makes it easy to view an entire day’s schedule in one place by combining multiple calendars (for eg., work and personal). The app is designed to work with popular workspace tools including Google Calendar, Zoom, and Google Meet. 

Meet Notion Calendar

There’s a built-in scheduling tool that shares your availability with others without sharing your scheduled appointment. This, in combination with the app’s auto-blocking feature, makes sure no slot in your schedule is double-booked, so you don’t have to worry about conflicts. 

Mac users can additionally access their day’s schedule and join meetings directly from the macOS Menu Bar. Users will also be able to manage the calendar settings using the command menu and keyboard shortcuts. 

Notion Calendar is free and widely available to everyone. You can check it out and sign up from here

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