Next Motorola Flagship to be “Smarter than others Smartphones”, coming soon

Moto X 2014

Motorola’s flagship series phones, Moto X, are one of the most smart devices out there, all thanks to the Google-owned Motorola which developed great features like Moto Voice and Active Display combined with dedicated hardware chipsets.

Now the company is owned by Lenovo, but fortunately, the innovative spirit that Motorola showed while being with Google is still kicking. In a tweet from Ricciolo, a known leakster for Sony things, it has been revealed that Motorola is working on its next flagship phone and it’ll be “Smarter than any others Smartphones”. The tweet also goes on to say “Coming Soon”.

The tweet clearly hints at a new flagship coming from Motorola that’ll be smarter than smartphones from other manufacturers. However, the “Coming soon” part might not hold real, as Motorola’s current flagship was unveiled only in September 2014.

Now unless Motorola is thinking of shifting its flagship launch timeline, we still have 7 months to go for September 2015, so much for “coming soon”. But again, Ricciolo is a trusted source, so Motorola might just show something very soon. How about something at MWC 2015 next month? Could be possible, just stay tuned with us..

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