New Twitter labels add a great perspective to the discussion

twitter new features

Twitter is making a few meaningful changes to its platform. They announced that they are working on a few user identification labels that give some perspective about the users tweeting in a thread.

Twitter explained that they’re experimenting with three labels on the app, “Author”, “Mentioned” and “Following”.

The label “Author” is actually the rumored label “Original Tweeter” that appeared to be in testing a while ago. It simply mentions that the given tweet comes from the author of the thread. Quite handy in long threads where you can gain significant perspective when you what the Author’s views are for the discussion.

The second one is “Mentioned” tag, which will help you identify users who were mentioned in the original tweet.

The “Following” label identifies users who follow the Author, the person who posted the first tweet of the thread.

These badges are going to be very helpful in maintaining context on the application. Maybe, Twitter will make some more to identify trolls and bots, too, if such tech is even possible. It would really help identify the right people, no?