New Rumored Xiaomi Note Specs and Price leaked!

Xiaomi Note Specs

Dear readers, your favorite rumor mill continues to churn out Xiaomi flagship tittle-tattles, the latest almost confirming the device name as Xiaomi Note, carrying a price tag of 4,000 Yuans ($650 approx.). From another source, we’re hearing that of the two devices that Xiaomi will launch on its January 15 event, one will run a Snapdragon 810 processor (looks like new Xiaomi Note) while another will do the job with Snapdragon 801 processor (Mi4S, surely!). What about Mi5 Plus, then? Well, we’d just look up in the sky and say, God knows! Or, maybe it was Xiaomi Note!

We came through an AnTuTu listing of device named Mi4S which was using the Snapdragon 801 processor, so, it looks fitting that Xiaomi’s one device launching tomorrow is Mi4S.

And then there is the pic above from Xiaomi, which reads NOT5 on the left, and NOTE on the right side. Perhaps meaning that it’s not Mi5 that the company is targeting, thus the credibility of Mi4S, and that the other device is indeed Note, which could be the other device getting official tomorrow, with pricing to be set at around $650.

The latest rumor has it that the Xiaomi Note will have a bigger screen than the iPhone 6 Plus, whose screen size is 5.5″. We had heard about a new flagship with 5.7″ Quad HD display, 3GB of RAM, Snapdragon 810 processor and that other spec-wishlist material, and now it seems those were true, and actually it was Xiaomi Note we’re talking about.

So, two devices. Xiaomi Mi4S is first, whose specs are available here. And second is Xiaomi Note, that we just talked about above.

Things look clear now, right?

Via GizmoChina | Leaksfly

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