New Google Pixel 4 leak hints at Project Soli integration

Google Pixel 4

American multinational technology company, Google, has a knack for delivering bleeding-edge, top-of-the-line tech before any of its competitors. And if rumors are to be believed, the company is once again ready to light up the smartphone market with its upcoming Pixel 4 devices.

Ice Universe (via Engadget) has gotten hold of a couple of pretty encouraging pictures of the detached bezels for the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4XL. Apart from the cutouts for the dual selfie cameras, a central speaker, and what’s expected to be a depth sensor, there’s an oval-shaped hole on the right.

From what we know so far, none of the cameras or sensors are supposed to occupy the oval-shaped cutout on the right; meaning the area could be solely reserved for the Project Soli radar.

With Project Soli integration, you will be able to control your device through gestures, without actually making physical contact. No smartphone in the market has made use of this revolutionary low-power radar, so far, and it would be fascinating to see if Pixel 4 devices lead the way.

Google is usually very cautious with its new products, so chances are we won’t know about the supposed ground-breaking Project Soli radar before launch. Going by Pixel 2 and 3’s release dates β€” 19 October 2017 and 4 October 2018, respectively β€” Pixel 4 could be officially launched in October 2019.

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