New AT&T Galaxy Note 5 update currently rolling out (N920AUCU2AO16)

A new software update is on its way out to reach AT&T Galaxy Note 5 users, and it comes with build no. N920AUCU2AO16. Changelog is also out for the OI6 update but it doesn’t say much — all you get is ‘Enhanced performance and other device improvements’. Is this Samsung Pay related update?

It does looks like so. After all, nearly all Samsung devices with major carrier are receiving a Samsung Pay inspired update, that makes necessary changes at system level to gear up the device for the service’s launch.

If your device lacked Samsung Pay app, such update would add that too.

Anyway, we will know more soon, and will be sure to share new intel with you too. Meanwhile, if you own a AT&T Galaxy Note 5, then be sure to check for an update under Settings > About device.

Other Samsung devices to get an update in last few days are T-Mobile Note 5, Sprint Note 5 and Verizon Galaxy S6 and Note 5.

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