Motorola reels off 5 reasons to buy the Droid Razr HD

Looking for a new smartphone on Verizon and can’t decide which one to get? Then give Motorola a chance to sway you towards the Droid RAZR HD, with 5 major reasons that they consider important enough to influence your purchase.

Motorola talks about how the battery life on the RAZR HD lasts “all day and night”, its “RAZR sharp” Super AMOLED display, the thin design despite being full of features on the inside, the upcoming upgrade to Android 4.1 Jelly Bean (scheduled to arrive by the end of this year), and finishes up by touting Verizon’s super fast 4G LTE network.

To be honest, even without Motorola’s explanation for why the RAZR HD is a worthy purchase, we already knew that the device is one of the best you can pick up this year, so go ahead and hit the source link below to read the 5 reasons in detail, or just head to your retailer and order the phone straightaway. Your choice.