Motorola Nexus, Key Lime Pie, Updates and Android 4.2.2 rumored. Could easily be fake!

Here we go again with the leak of the day. And this is a pretty good one, mind you. Droid Forums has apparently come across some unconfirmed data from Motorola which seems to indicate that Android 4.2 will indeed be Key Lime Pie, as well as an update timeline for a bunch of Moto devices. What’s even more interesting that a Motorola Nexus is rumored to be present in that list of devices! Also included is a hitherto unheard of device called the Droid Razr X. (Remember the Nexus X, anyone?)

After the Nexus X hoax, we tend to take most unconfirmed rumours, and that is exactly what this is too for now – an unconfirmed rumour, with a healthy pinch of salt. But then, sometimes rumours have a strange way of turning out to be true, so we really don’t know what to think of this.

However, if it does have any truth to it, 2013 is certainly going to be an exciting year, with a brand new Android version, and some awesome new devices being put out for us. Take a look at the upgrade path listing, supposedly leaked from within Motorola:

Looks pretty real, doesn’t it? But like we said, after the Nexus X fiasco a few days ago, anything is possible.