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Moto X4 Oreo update

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November 22, 2019: An update has been announced for the Moto X4. We don’t have a release date for the said update, but we know that it’ll bring the December 2019 security patch.

October 29, 2019: Motorola has announced an update for the Moto X4. The package, which should roll out over the next month or so, is set to bring the November 2019 security patch.

September 30, 2019: Motorola has published the release notes for an upcoming update for the Moto X4. The OTA will bump up the device’s security patch to October 2019, making sure it’s not vulnerable to known attacks. The update will start rolling out in the coming weeks.

May 29, 2019: Motorola U.S. support page has detailed the release notes for June 2019 security patch for the standard Moto X4 device. The update also includes changes that fix bugs and improve the stability of your phone, but the OTA update is yet to begin rolling out.

Moto X4 June 2019 security update

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Motorola was once a revered name in the smartphone industry, but ever since Lenovo took control of the company, things haven’t been the same, especially on matters of software updates. Even so, the company has been doing all there is to ensure that the Motorola Moto X4 stays up to date.

On this page, we bring you all the latest Moto X4 software update news, downloads and their changelogs, be it for minor updates or major Android OS upgrades, all in one place.


Software update timeline

Standard Moto X4

Date Software version Changelog
22 Nov 2019 Android 9 December 2019 security patch announced
29 Oct 2019 Android 9 November 2019 security patch announced
30 Sep 2019 Android 9 Pie October 2019 security patch announced
28 May 2019 Android 9 Pie June 2019 security patch
08 May 2019 Android 9 Pie May 2019 security patch 
16 April 2019 Android 9 Pie April 2019 security patch
19 March 2019 Android 9 Pie March 2019 security patch and mobile hotspot improvements
28 Nov 2018 PPW29.69-26 | Android 9.0 Installs stable Android 9 Pie update and November 2018 security patch
12 Nov 2018 PPW29.69-17 | Android 9.0 Installs Android 9 Pie soak (beta)
04 July 2018 OPWS27.2.3 | Android 8.0 June security patches. Released in Italy already. Still Android 8.0 though
24 Jan 2018 OPW27.2 | Android 8.0 Installed Android 8.0 Oreo, December 2017 security patch and stability improvements

Android One Moto X4

Date Software version Changelog
19 Mar 2019 Android 9 Pie March 2019 security patch and mobile hotspot improvements
17 Dec 2018 Android 9 Pie Installs Android 9 Pie with November 2018 security patch. Pie includes features like adaptive battery, adaptive brightness, gestures for navigation, and so on
15 March 2018 OPW28.46-3 | Android 8.1 Installed Android 8.1 Oreo and March 2018 security patch
24 Dec 2017 OPW27.1 | Android 8.1 Installed Android 8.0 Oreo and December 2017 security patch

Moto X4 Android 9 Pie update

  • Stable update available for standard and Android One variants
Model Launch OS Current OS Android 9 Pie update
Android One (Project Fi) Android 7.1 Android 9 Released on 17 December 2018
Standard Android 7.1 Android 9 Released on 28 November 2018

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Moto X4 Oreo update

Model Launch OS Android 8.0 Android 8.1
Android One (Project Fi) Android 7.1 Released on 24 Dec 2017 Released on 15 March 2018
Standard Android 7.1 Released on 24 Jan 2018 Released only in some regions

If you have any questions regarding Moto X4 software updates, bring them on via the comments section below.

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  1. I installed the android 9 software update and I’ve had nothing but issues with it. UI crashes and app loader crashes as well. Any way to get The previous version back on?

  2. Man, Google should be ashamed of themselves for referring to this phone as an Android One device. Does not feel anywhere close to #1.

    Good device overall, I love mine w/ Magisk|TWRP. But an embarrassing track record overall.

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