Moto Z gets treated to Android P, too!

Android smartphone vendors seem to be stepping up their software update game after years of cries from woke users of the platform. Not so long ago, an Android P firmware for Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S was leaked online hours after the company had mistakenly announced that the developer preview was coming to the Mi Mix 2S later this month. If this happens, it would be a huge step towards addressing the issue of fragmentation in Android.

However, when other OEMs sleep on the job, enthusiastic developers take on their role and apparently, one such developer, erfanoabdi, has managed to bring Android P to the OG Moto Z. This is an interesting development for a device that first came preinstalled with Android Marshmallow and has already received Android Oreo. It gets even more interesting given that the Moto Z isn’t part of Motorola’s Android P plans and all this is thanks to unofficial Project Treble compatibility.

Of course, since this is a first for the Moto Z and also unofficial, it has its share of issues. The developer says the camera, Wi-Fi, and radio are not working, which kinda makes it not a good one to have as a daily driver. In short, don’t go for this ROM if your Moto Z is the only phone you have.

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