Moto X Pure edition receives new update with KRACK fix and October patch

The Motorola Moto X Pure is receiving a new software update that improves the security of the device and fixes some bugs. Nothing new with the update apart from that, which is now rolling out over-the-air.

If you own the Moto X Pure, you should be seeing the update notification soon. The software version is 25.201.1 and as per the release notes, it installs the October Android security patch and fixes the KRACK Wi-Fi vulnerability.

That’s about it. The Moto X Pure runs stock Android and is available unlocked everywhere. However, it only received the Nougat update in September this year. We’re not sure if it will get the Oreo update anytime soon.

Motorola has been currently focusing on the newer smartphones includes the Moto G5 series, the new Moto Z2 phones, and the original Moto Z series. Apart from that, not a lot of phones are scheduled to get the Oreo update.

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  1. Yep. I received the update a couple weeks ago. Slim chance for another Motorola/Lenovo phone. Phone was stuck on a December 2016 security up until two months ago when it received Nougat update promised last year.

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